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Modering Hiring service in Chennai, India’s leading auxiliary power and cooling rental solution provider. Explore our products and services below.

Diesel and Gas Generators on Rental

From as small as a 15 kVA  generator for a temporary construction power to a turnkey power plant as large as 20 MW & more capacity for long-term utility base-load applications in chennai

Temperature Control Rentals

At Modern Hiring Service, we have experienced and dedicated team to execute every temperature control job starting from design, planning, installation, Operation and maintenance till completion of the project. Our fleet includes, Air cooled chillers, Industrial Air conditioning units, Air Handling units, dehumidifiers, Composite hoses, etc.

Forklifts Rental

Modern Hiring Service offers high capacity, battery-powered forklifts.

Aerial Work Platform Rental

Modern Hiring Service in chennai , provides a wide range of aerial work platforms for rent, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, spider lifts, and telescopic boom lifts.

24x7 Service Support

To ensure optimum performance and smooth operations, Modern Hiring Services’ qualified and experienced team is equipped with a full-fledged technical infrastructure.

We have got you covered by providing best in class rental Equipment

Modern Hiring Services Chennai offers top-notch Rental services like Diesel Generator rentals, Load Bank Rentals, Natural Gas Generator Rentals, Transformer Rentals, Air Conditioning Unit rentals, Chiller rentals, and more and more services at affordable prices. You can also rent/hire on day, week, and month basics. To know more about us, contact Modern Hiring Services today and Book it Now.

Fast Power

With full control over the India’s largest containerized rental fleet, located in strategic Depots across India, Modern Hiring Service in Chennai is able to mobilize, transport, install and commission the power plant within very short time scales. Modern Hiring Service power packs can be operational upon reaching the site within a matter of hours.

The standardized design of our equipment not only enables easy handling and fast delivery by land, sea or air but also facilitates quick installation and commissioning at site.

These features, combined with the knowledge and experience of our industry specialists allow us to deliver fully operational rental power generators like Diesel generators in just a few days, anywhere in the country.


Modern Hiring Service in chennai has the flexibility to deliver power Generators of any capacity – from a single generator installation to multi- megawatt power systems. The modular design of Modern Hiring Service power generators utilizes synchronized base 1000, 1250, 1500 & 2000 kVA units to build the required multi-megawatt capacity. Power can be supplied at any standard utility voltage and in capacities suitable for each connection point. During the course of the project, if the power demand increases or decreases we can add or take away the generating capacity as required.

Modern Hiring Service’s power generators equipments like Load Banks,Diesel Generators can operate in parallel with the grid or in ” island” mode, at all common utility voltages up to 132 kV for 50 Hz or 60 Hz duty.

Turnkey Service

Recognizing that each power requirement is unique, Modern Hiring Service designs and delivers tailor-made solutions to match customer’s specific needs undertaking to provide a comprehensive power generation service – from start to finish.

Service Include:

  • Assessment of power need
  • Site visit and evaluation
  • Engineering studies and Temporary power plant design
  • Mobilization & delivery of equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Equipment installation & commissioning
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Decommissioning upon completion of the contract.

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Fight Against Time and Nature – Tauktae Cyclone

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Our Journey into The Mighty Oceans

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Rental Power Solutions for Construction

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Modern Hiring Service – Generators for every need

Modern Hiring Service products include diesel and gas-powered generator sets with outputs ranging from 15 to 3750 kVA, alternators, diesel engines with outputs ranging from 49 to 5,500 hp,...

Why Choose Us

Robust Equipments

With a large range of power generators like Diesel Generator Rentals and energy equipment in different capacities, we cater to any energy needs of the industry.

Highly Efficient

Our Diesel generators are extremely efficient, providing the best value per kWh without sacrificing performance.

Modern Technology

Modern Hiring Services Chennai , is constantly upgrading its equipment and technologies to keep up with global energy rental standards.

Trusted Partners

Our long-standing relationships with global leaders like Cummins enable us to provide consistent quality to our customers.

Reliable Service

Modern Hiring Services Chennai, is a dependable energy partner with a presence in over 450 locations, 350+ skilled manpower, and a large range of generators.

24x7 Support

To ensure optimum performance and smooth operations, Modern Hiring Services’ qualified and experienced team is equipped with a full-fledged technical infrastructure.

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