De-Watering Pumps Rental

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Modern Hiring Service Chennai is a specialist in tailor-made solutions for most projects in the field of dewatering by having a complete line of rental pumps that provide high head, high flow, sound attenuation, fuel & energy efficiency. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of toughest site conditions, you can count on our rental pumps to work when you need them.

 Our expert team will provide a complete solution for dewatering starting from designing, sizing pumps, and constructing water management systems. We can also monitor operations of all pumping equipment, pipelines, tanks, filtrations, pressure gauges, and manifolds to meet ongoing, continuous water management operations.

MHS is having a variety of dewatering pumps like submersible pumps, flood control pumps, surface mounted pumps, diesel pumps, motor-driven pumps, barge-mounted pumps, etc.

 Our Pump rentals meet the needs of temporary dewatering, flood/emergency relief, and backup support. For more details Contact Modern Hiring Services.