Our Products & Services

Power Generation Equipments

Modern Hiring Service offers comprehensive single sourced solutions for all rental power needs of customers. From as small as a 15 kVA  generator for a temporary construction power to a turnkey power plant as large as 20 MW & more capacity for long-term utility base-load applications,

Modern Hiring Service  has solutions for power needs of any industry. We can offer either diesel or natural gas based plants which are suitable for connection to all common utility voltages like 415V, 11 KV, 6.6 KV, 3.3 KV, 33 KV etc.

Temperature Control Solutions

MHS offers a wide range of temperature control equipment specially designed to meet emergency need of our customers, our latest and young fleet includes, Air cooled chillers, Industrial Air conditioning units, Air Handling units, dehumidifiers, Composite hoses, Buffer Tanks, Camlocks etc.

We have experienced and dedicated team to execute every temperature control job starting from design, planning, installation, Operation and maintenance till completion of the project.

MHS can support by providing custom temperature control solution to meet your planned or emergency needs.

Other Solutions

Other than power generation and temperature control rental solutions we offer an array of various other industrial solutions such as air compressors, aerial work platforms, fuel management services, de-watering pumps, forklifts, and mobile light masts.