Being stranded at sea without power is no laughing matter. We can, however, respond quickly to any offshore emergency. We can fix the problem, from backup generators to custom temperature control, and get you back up and running in no time. We can get to you quickly because we have equipment on standby at all of our 211 locations around the world.

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Sailing or docked? We keep you running

A ship’s systems must be overhauled, the paintwork refreshed, and barnacles scraped off the hull on a regular basis. Our generators can power your online systems during maintenance, and our heaters can be used for painting and coating jobs. We can also assist with load bank testing and battery storage. Our engineers can simulate a variety of adverse conditions to see how your ship will fare in a perfect storm.

Renting our equipment is also economical. You can avoid running the ship’s engine during routine maintenance or system testing by using our power and dialling it up or down as needed.