Diesel Generators Rental in Guindy

Guindy is a major industrial and commercial center in Chennai, India. It features some of the most sophisticated diesel generator sets available for hire. These generators are perfect for those needing to power their equipment or machinery when the electricity supply is disrupted due to storms or other natural disasters. Depending on the size of the operation, one can find silent generator rentals ranging from 5 KVA to 500KVA capacity.

In terms of specifications, these diesel generators come with varying fuel tank capacities varying from 8-12 hours depending on load factor and type of engine used. At Modern Hiring Service, we also have 24/7 monitoring systems that provide real-time feedback about performance as well as any potential issues. This helps ensure efficient operations even during unexpected weather events or emergencies. Additionally, they feature noise-dampening technology, which makes them ideal for use in residential areas since it limits disturbance levels significantly.

The rental cost for these diesel generators sets on the specific model chosen and its duration of usage but generally ranges from 2k – 6k per month plus additional charges such as transportation costs and setup fees if applicable. Customers seeking reliable long-term services should consider hiring from trusted companies offering comprehensive maintenance packages along with their rental plans. With this arrangement, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all aspects related to their rented kva generator hire will be taken care of by professionals throughout the entire period of usage.

Advantages Of Our Diesel Generators Rental in Guindy

    Our diesel generator rental in Guindy offers a host of advantages for customers. Firstly, we provide silent diesel generators that are ideal for indoor and outdoor operations due to their low noise output. Secondly, our portable diesel generators can be easily transported from one place to another depending on the customer’s requirements. Thirdly, if required, customers can also rent out these diesel generators for short-term or long-term periods as per their needs.

    In addition, we provide unbeatable customer service with 24/7 support available round the clock via phone calls or emails. Our experienced team is always ready to help customers throughout the process, starting from giving advice about choosing the right type of generator according to power requirements to delivering it safely at the desired location within the promised timeline. All our technicians are highly trained professionals certified by industry standards such as NETA (The InterNational Electrical Testing Association).

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Furthermore, all our equipment undergoes rigorous quality checks before being deployed so that they run efficiently without any downtime during operation time. We have an extensive inventory containing numerous sizes and models of diesel generators ranging from 5kVA to 1500kVA, suitable for all kinds of applications across industries like construction sites, data centers etc. With competitive pricing and flexible payment options like cash payments & EMI schemes offered along with free delivery & installation facility, renting our reliable diesel generators has never been more convenient than ever before in Chennai city limits.

    These features make us stand out among other competitors providing comparable services, making us one of the most sought-after providers of Diesel Generator Rental in the Chennai region.